1.1–Well, You Gotta Start Somewhere…(London Legacy)

02-22-16_8-24-41 PM

This is it. I’m finally here!

Luna stepped out of the cab and double checked the address scrawled on the slip of paper in her hand.Rio Verde, Oasis Springs. Yup, this was definitely it.

02-22-16_2-08-22 PM

The tiny, one-room apartment house wasn’t much, she knew–but it was hers. And it hadn’t been easy to acquire. Ever since leaving her family’s estate, Luna had lived the last week mostly homeless. She spent a good chunk of her savings on camping gear and holed up in Granite Falls, where she could formulate a plan. That was where she met Mrs. Dawes, a mysterious old woman who must have seen some good in Luna. She mentioned a home she owned in Oasis Springs and offered to sell it to Luna for practically nothing.

And now, here she was. She’d gone from living in the lap of luxury, to homeless, to owning her own home, all within a matter of weeks. It was like a dream come true.

02-22-16_8-26-07 PM

Almost right off the bat, Luna met someone new: Eliza Pancakes, a warm, friendly young woman from Willow Creek. Luna was a bit disappointed they weren’t actually neighbors–turns out, Eliza’s husband likes to visit Oasis Springs to fish on the weekends–but Eliza was happy to trade phone numbers and promised to hang out soon.

02-22-16_8-29-52 PM

After moving her few possessions into the house, Luna decided she needed a break. She pulled a book off the shelf and curled up on her tiny, somewhat too firm bed, and zoned out. Leaving home, starting over. It was all so much to handle all at once.

As Luna tried to get lost in her book, her mind kept pulling itself elsewhere, in about five different directions. Ever since she left, her younger sister Ivy had been on Luna’s mind. Ivy was still just a kid, and probably didn’t understand why her sister had just disappeared. She thought about Ivy’s big green eyes, welling up with tears when she woke up to find her sister gone in the night. The thought definitely hurt. Luna wondered if she should have just brought Ivy with her, but she quickly dismissed that notion. Ivy was a child. She deserved better care than a sister with no money to her name could give her. She still had so many opportunities.

And then there were her parents. Luna hated to admit it, but part of her…almost missed them? That’s no good, Luna thought. And she put that idea at the back of her mind for now.

02-22-16_8-47-57 PM

Luna was interrupted from her thoughts when the alarm on her phone went off, reminding her to get ready for bed. Plum, is it that late already?

Not that it really was late–only 9 PM–but Luna had a big day ahead of her. On the cab ride to Oasis Springs, she had the pleasure of accepting a position as a medical intern at the Oasis Springs Hospital. And they wanted her to start tomorrow! She almost couldn’t handle her stomach doing backflips and somersaults at the idea. For so long, Luna had wanted to be a doctor, and now it was finally happening…

With that, she tucked herself in and settled in for bed, ready for all the day had in store…

1.2–Careers & Charisma

1.1–Well, You Gotta Start Somewhere…(London Legacy)

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