The London Legacy: Introduction

Hello! I am beginning my foray into Sims stories with my first documented legacy. The family we will follow is the London family. For rules to the Legacy Challenge, go here. I won’t be adhering to the rules super strictly, because I’m more concerned with telling an interesting story. I also won’t be keeping score.

For this challenge, inheritance laws are as follows: Equality (boys or girls can be chosen), Random (I will roll to randomly choose the Heir), and adoption is allowed (I want to mix things up from always getting hetero couples pregnant). All traits will be assigned randomly based on a trait generator.

Anyway, on to our founder!

02-22-16_1-42-34 PM

This is Luna London, our founding member of the London Legacy. Her aspiration is Nerd Brain, and her traits are Genius, Snob, and Noncommittal. She is dedicated to her medical profession and wants to go into the Doctor career.

Luna grew up in a well-to-do family far, far away. She got everything she ever asked for–except attention from mom and dad, that is. Used to being ignored, Luna took to her studies and quickly stood out as one of the brightest children in her year. When she grew into a teenager, things got rocky with her parents. A career in medicine was undignified for a girl from a family like the Londons; London women were expected to excel in art and music, become highly charismatic, and marry wealthy young men with good prospects. Luna and her parents constantly fought about her future, until on her eighteenth birthday, she left without a word.

Luna hasn’t looked back since, and so far, she doesn’t regret her decision.

1.1–Well, You Gotta Start Somewhere…

The London Legacy: Introduction

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